Information on The Januvia Coupon Card

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Where Can You Find The Januvia Coupon Card

If you type in the words “Januvia coupon card” into any search engine you will find many sites which offer this valuable card which you can print out and use when you refill your  medication. Many good sites  have  a coupon card which offers $100 a month in savings.

The price of many prescription medications have soared. Januvia is no exception. In fact, it is one of the most expensive medications on the market. Prices for those who do not have insurance run $600 for ninety pills and $400 for sixty pills. Most people can’t afford that kind of cost. This is when these coupon cards can help save the day.

Why Use the Januvia Card For Savings 

The symptoms of diabetes are often ignored for many years. But this is a serious disease and it is very important that you have your medication. Diabetes eventually affects all of the internal organs. The scary part is that there are around 6 million people who have this disease and don’t know it. The symptoms of diabetes is constant thirst, an increase in urine production, fatigue, weight loss, and blurred vision.

When you have to pay out of pocket for such an expensive medication, sometimes a bill or two has to be let go. Sometimes even an insurance co-pay doesn’t really help when it comes to such an expensive medication. So you will need the financial help that this saving card can provide. Even a small amount off the total price can be helpful.

However, it takes more than just this medication to fully control your diabetes. Proper diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean cuts of meat, a regular exercise program and getting enough rest are all a vital part of treatment of diabetes. Most people balk at taking medication on a daily basis but you have to do this as part of your treatment.

Tell your doctor if you have any form of kidney disease or pancreatitis. Also, be sure not to let your blood sugar drop too low. Generally this happens if you skip a meal. Eat several small meals during the day to keep your blood sugar levels up. Make sure to have hard candy within reach just in case your blood sugar does drop. The symptoms of this happening are headaches, irritability, sweating, weakness, hunger and trouble concentrating.

With things being so bad financially for everyone, there are government programs which can help you to pay for your medications. But getting the Januvia coupon card is a very good start. Going without this medication is not an option. The doctor will also want to do frequent blood sugar tests as well as other blood tests to monitor your insulin levels. Check your blood sugar levels frequently if you are travelling, under a lot of stress, or exercising a lot.